We are a Missouri Corporation established in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1990, by Kevin O'Connell, a lifetime resident of St. Louis.

All data is reviewed for accuracy and final compilation by the President or Vice President of the firm.

We have project managers, quality assurance managers, senior consultants, consultants, draftsmen, and a full administrative staff.

We only utilize experienced personnel who have been thoroughly indoctrinated in the RMT philosophy of client satisfaction and thoroughly trained both in industry concepts by industry sponsored seminars and training programs. We also have in-house training regarding safety for rooftop activities and for handling emergency response to natural disasters and client emergencies for unforeseen roof problems that would stop production or render an unsafe work environment.

We are engaged in projects ranging in scope from a few thousand to several million dollars. Geographically, we work with clients throughout North America, Mexico and Canada.

Our clients are industrial, commercial, institutional, educational and retail oriented. The majority of our client's roof systems are of conventional commercial-type construction. Our primary emphasis is on roofing with approximately 90% of our assignments in this category with 10% waterproofing. Our services are evenly split with survey and analysis work at 33% (including non-destructive testing and computer database management), specification design at about 33% and project management / quality assurance is approximately 25% with the remaining forensic and litigation oriented investigations and specialized consulting requirements.

We invite your inquiry and can offer additional information regarding our local and national references, professional curriculum vitae on the principals and staff members or any other information pertaining to our expertise and experience with a particular problem.